Illuminator Scaler



The VETROSON® ILLUMINATOR 30K Ultrasonic Scaler is uniquely designed to provide excellent visibility to all areas of the oral cavity. It features a light source built into the handpiece. The Illuminator Inserts have a light transmitting glass sleeve which transmits the light directly to the operatory site. The VETROSON ILLUMINATOR Ultrasonic Scaler uses 30k inserts. The unit functions with the VETROSON, non-illuminated 30K inserts as well.

The VETROSON ILLUMINATOR Ultrasonic Scaler features auto-tuning technology, an expanded low power range and a power booster feature for an increase in power when needed.

The VETROSON ILLUMINATOR Ultrasonic Scaler comes with a disposable filter, a quick disconnect water hook-up, a spare handpiece sheath and 2 illuminating inserts: the #10 for scaling above the gumline and the Perio for subgingival scaling.

  • Increased visibility reduces eye strain
  • Auto-tuning
  • Expanded low power range with power booster
  • Compact design takes up less counter space
  • Compatible with many accessories from our Millennium line
  • Three year power unit warranty


Illuminator Inserts

A durable, autoclavable glass sleeve is positioned in the light transmitting inserts-short of the tip. This positioning allows transmission of the bright white light to the operatory field. These inserts will also function in our VETROSON MILLENNIUM 25/30 Ultrasonic Scaler on the 30K setting, but without the benefit of focused light.

The VETROSON  PETER EMILY inserts may be used on any power setting from “Low” to “High” either above or below the gumline. The thin Perio tip is used below the gumline with the power set on “Low” to “Medium”. The #10 insert is used above the gumline on “Medium” to “High” power.

The VETROSON PETER EMILY insert is 70% more powerful than standard scaling inserts. A wider movement pattern covers a greater area than typical inserts. The tip is fine enough for subgingival scaling but heavier than a Perio insert making it more durable.