Gas Scavenging Systems

Active scavenging for up to 25 anesthesia machines

The elimination of trace anesthesia gases from the operating room is a major concern for veterinarians and their personnel. The only effective way to eliminate these gases is to collect them at the anesthesia machine’s pop-off valve outlet and conduct them directly to the outside with an Active Anesthesia Scavenger.


On the market for 30 years – problem free
• Balanced by valves in three locations, therefore no periodic adjustments have to be made
• Additional machine locations may be added at any time without affecting the present system
• Can handle up to 25 anesthesia machines with 200’ of plumbing above the ceiling
• Recommended by all well-known veterinary architectural firms

The basic unit consists of the power unit, a vent hood & pipe, 6’ of flexible heavy duty hose, 90° elbow, “Y” tee fitting, interface & carrier air inlet valve.

Scavenging system benefits

  • Prevents unloading of the breathing circuit
  • The vacuum pressure generated by the power unit is continuously regulated by the Air-Inlet Valve strategically positioned in the system.
  • Offers no resistance to the pop-off valve
  • The tube diameters of the system are designed so there will be no increase in pop-off exhaust pressure during surgery.
  • Eliminates need for charcoal filters
  • Forget about charcoal filled canisters that become saturated (and ineffective) after a short period of time! Full attention may be devoted to surgery, not to the status of a charcoal filter.
  • Effective for all anesthetic agents including nitrous oxide
  • Compatible with all non-flammable anesthetic agents, the system is also effective with nitrous oxide.Charcoal filled canisters do not absorb nitrous oxide but pass it directly to the operating room.
  • Does not inhibit machine mobility
  • Ten feet of flexible interface tubing allows mobility of the anesthesia machine.
  • Suitable for clinics that have one or more machines
  • The VETROSON® Anesthesia Scavenger may be designed for hospitals with multiple machines and/or machines not located adjacent to an outside wall.
  • Designed to fit most anesthesia circuits
  • VETROSON® Anesthesia Scavenger may be connected to the scavenging pop-off valve outlet nipple on all commonly used Anesthesia Machines. VETROSON® Scavenger pop-off valves are available for many older machines that don’t have one.