Summit Hill Laboratories

Providing quality veterinary equipment for over 50 years.

We proudly offer the following fine products:

Veterinary Dental Products

Our line of Vetroson® Illuminator and Millenium ultrasonic scalers and motor packs.

Illuminator Scaler | Millenium Scaler | Motor Pack

Dispensing Products

Feline Odor Neutralizer, Equine Pain Formula, instrument cleaners and more.

Dispensing Products

Gas Scavenging Systems

The Vetroson® Active Anesthesia Scavenger. Active scavenging for up to 18 anesthesia machines.

Gas Scavening Systems

Electro-Surgery Equipment

The Vetroson® V-10 Bi-Polar Electrosurgery Unit. Low Impedance High Frequency Solid State Circuitry.

Electro-Surgery Equipment


Oxygen Generator

Summit Hill Laboratories offers two Vetroson® OXY-GEN™ SYSTEMS supplying oxygen for the veterinary hospital at a low cost per LPM.

Oxygen Generator


About Summit Hill Labs

Summit Hill Laboratories has been in business since 1964, providing exceptional products to the veterinary profession. Our VETROSON® equipment has enjoyed a reputation for excellent performance and longevity. Our equipment is used in most veterinary schools and many technician programs. Summit Hill generously supports veterinary education and training by supplying equipment free of charge to wetlabs and at significantly reduced prices to universities.

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